UBICUO: sound art network.

{ [ubiquitous, allestedsnærværende, вездесущий, omniprésent, alomtegenwoordig, ikuyo yonke, ubíquo, visur esantis, свеприсутан, wa ni gbogbo aye, ĉieesta, παρών] }.collect.all;

Ubicuo (Ubiquitous) is a project that overlaps the work of several artists and the conjunction of different disciplines.

Its main objective is to build interaction networks through the net (one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many) to perform artistic practices that allow us to investigate and suggest different uses for this technology.

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The main exercise to conform such networks consists of collaboratively designing sound interaction strategies, exposed through concerts that suggest alternatives to the regular settings and to the use of Telemúsica system (that consists of an extension incorporated to the SuperCollider software, which allows data transmission through the net).

conferencia VIVO

Network interaction is not considered as a critical experimentation of a ‘new media’, but as our own experimentation in this mean. We aim to propose relationships logics and affective exchange, as well as different sorts of knowledge that does not come from the large internet corporations.

Conferencia Fonoteca Nacional

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