Metabolismos proxémicos

(Proxemic Metabolisms)

Category: Performance-Installation
Technique: Multichannel video, quadraphonic sound, computer vision, generative algorithms.
Year: 2011

It is an audiovisual performance in four projection zones. Each projection zone is an interactive instrument designed and ran by a [radiador].

MetProx5Each instrument reacts to the interpreter’s movement, linking sound and visual generation with the mobility of the body. This is possible thanks to the computerized vision.
This act uses different movement, image and sound characteristics as variables of a composition, creating a cohesion of elements of different disciplines in a same aesthetic passage.

Conceptual description

Our research aims the sense settings that social spaces acknowledge, and, as a result of this, the coexisting roles in them.

This work is an organism that is deployed in time, inhabiting a proxemic space*, metabolized by the interactions between the agents that are present.

The mutations this organism suffer acquire meaning according to the coordinate system or the interpretative perspective chosen by the agents.

This coordinate system builds the notion of the ‘self’ and of the ‘other’, or rather, of the ‘we’ and the ‘them’ in the moment in which one participates as an agent or an observer of the processes, as it is the person who uses the communication media that is related to it, building and bringing together the identity of ‘we’ when confronted to ‘them’ that are not participating of the community.


Transitio_MX production October/2011


Metabolismos Proxémicos