Category: Performance installation.
Technique: Multichannel animation, multichannel sound, generative algorithms.
Year: 2014

This work explores the sound coloring in space. Improvisation, time, rhythm, sound symmetry, electronic transformation and generative animation constitute the faces of the prism that resets the complex time-space in audiovisual sculptures.

 This performance/installation is defined by an improvised real-time audio and video system activated by [radiador]. Twelve speakers occupy the space as an orchestra wrapping the audience according to two criteria: activating sound properties that are specific to the site and articulating the trajectories that will make them move. The generative animation deployed through three channels, visualizes the color structures that are created from the interaction between sound and space.






Prisma, Museo Expuesto CCUTlatelolco

[ radiador ]  Semantic, 1st International Congress on Generative Art

Laboratorio Arte Alameda Mexico City

SOURCE 3.0 / CMM 2014

PRISMA (Dossier)